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Paiko Botanicals



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Tickets are sold via the Island Boy website only. Please visit to register!

2/24 Saturday 10a-2p
2/24 Saturday 2:30-6:30p

Tickets are transferable, but NON-REFUNDABLE. We appreciate your understanding. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Once you purchase your ticket(s), the email confirmation number is your ticket. 

Lei Po'o (Lei for Head) is a Hawaiian craft featuring fresh flowers which are wrapped, braided, woven or stitched to a band to be worn on the head.  In our workshops, we teach WILI style of Lei Po'o for beginners.  For most of our workshops we will be able to show HAKU style if you message ahead.  Keep in mind, this is a class designed to open the craft to beginners and those who are simply curious or unable to acquire all the necessary materials.  Lei making should be fun, and the creative portion of the lei is up to you!  Courtney Monahan from Paiko/Pua Hana and Andrew Mau from ISLAND-BOY will be co-teaching this workshop.

This workshop fee includes cost of all materials, venue, and instructor compensation (in some cases it includes food and beverage.)  Please read details below!  Any questions?  Text us 221.3676 or email us  If you are on the fence, I would recommend contacting us with questions. This class is non-refundable. 



**Version 2.0 will have a HEAVIER inventory of Invasive Plant Materials!  There will be fewer flowers ordered from the mainland -- please plan accordingly -- you may bring your own lei flowers with the exception of weeds and plants with seeds/spores.

This venue is highly attractive for its view and historical significance.  The class price includes a donation to the Ossipoff Cabin and the hillside restoration at Palehua.  We will try our best to utilize invasive species found on the hillside, but of course we will supplement with beautiful blooms.  Due to the limited nature of the venue, the class size will be limited to 13 people and a total of 3 vehicles.  The Gill family has been generous to grant us limited access to the property on specific days with parking 5 minutes away from the property. 

Details will be shared as to the address and location of the house via EMAIL (so use one that you check please).  We will provide beverages and snacks!  This class will take a little cooperation with carpooling, as there is only parking for 5 vehicles.  Due to the distance from town, please also allow an hour each way to get to the venue on time, you can map it ahead of time to check the estimated times from where you live.  Anyone who is not present at the property gate at the start of the class will not be refunded, and will not be allowed up the hill.  When you check out please enter a working cell phone number and active email, so we can reach out to you with any changes or details.  

To summarize, this class is NOT held and ISLAND-BOY, you will need to bring a working vehicle and be comfortable with carpooling.  You will be required to be punctual (10 mins early wait at the lower gate) and provide a working cell phone number and email address we can reach you at.  My contact 221.3676

Link to read more about the Ossipoff Cabin in Flux Magazine


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